I have been a patient of Town Square Dental Care since Dr. DeBoef first opened. When it was time for my son, Merrick, to start receiving dental care, he had a check at two-years-old and his first cleaning at three-years-old. As a first time mother, I was of course nervous about how he would react to the buzzing wand in his mouth.


Well, the moment his Hygienist Tara began interacting with him I knew we would be just fine. She immediately engaged Merrick in conversation and she was so bubbly and sweet, she instantly put him at ease. She spoke to him throughout the process, explaining her steps as she went. She made sure to take frequent breaks for his comfort and kept him focused on her the entire time. I could tell the staff had taken the time to listen to my suggestions regarding communicating with Merrick and it made the entire experience wonderful!! It is not often people say that about going to the dentist but Merrick can’t wait to come back!


Thank you for all you do to make your patients comfortable, both when they are sitting in the exam chair or on the sidelines.